About Us



We are first and forever farmers.  All of our ciders come from apples grown right here on our farm in Washington state.  Washington state has a rich history of apple growing, and still leads the US in apple production, producing roughly 60% of the nation's crop.

All of our orchards are located in the Columbia Basin - an area that leads the state in number of apple trees.  The Columbia Basin Region also produces over half of Washington state's organic apples, many of these coming from our own organic orchards.  We currently grow 14 different commercial apple varieties and 40 different cider varieties.  All of the cider apples grown are used to produce our cider. 

We are committed to bringing you quality, safe, delicious sparkling apple cider that you can rely on. 



Depending on who you ask, purchasing the apple orchard in 1972 was an accident.  Calling us "novice orchardists" back then would have been a compliment.  But one thing we recognized was a growing passion.  In an effort to use up some of our extra apples, we started pressing cider.  It quickly became somewhat of a community thing.  Neighboring farmers lined up to help press the apples, and they all went home with jugs of cider for the winter. 

Fast forward fifty years...

The apple growing and cider pressing tradition continues today.  That simple idea has become our recipe for delicious and quality cider.  It has the right balance of flavors while maintaining a real apple taste.  Quality is placed above all else on our farm and that's why our family takes care of everything, from the seed to the bottle. 

From novice orchardists, we have become expert apple growers and cider makers.  From a simple family with a big idea to grow a quality and delicious product, you can have confidence that every bottle has been crafted with exactly the right ingredients to create

something different - the most mouthwatering kind of different.