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Celebrate Living Sparkling Cider Sampler
Celebrate Living Sparkling Cider Sampler
On Sale for a Limited Time Only

Celebrate Living Sparkling Cider Sampler


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    Enjoy this 12-Pack of Non-alcoholic Sheffield Cider! It includes 8 bottles of our Signature Blends and 4 Heirloom bottles.  Because of the limited nature of Heirloom blends, if a particular variety is sold out, it will be substituted with another variety.

    Each 12-pack will include a delightful selection of our most distinguished cider varieties:

    1. Classic Sweet: Immerse yourself in the essence of a traditional apple orchard. This cider boasts a clean, crisp taste with a perfect balance of sweet and tart notes, reminiscent of biting into a freshly picked apple. While it's one of our sweetest blends, it's versatile and pairs beautifully with various dishes.

    2. Vintage Dry: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this non-alcoholic "dry" cider is a testament to our commitment to precision. Handpicked apple varieties come together to create a crisp, refreshing experience, expertly suited to complement a wide range of meals.

    3. Harvest Crush: A beloved blend, meticulously mixed with fresh wine grape varieties, this cider is a celebration of autumn's bounty. Its smooth and light carbonation transports you to an orchard at the height of the season, making it an ideal choice for any special occasion.

    4. Apple Cherry: This unique blend artfully combines bold apple varieties with the robust presence of tart cherries, offering a harmonious fusion of sweet and tart flavors. Its captivating amber hue and culinary versatility make it a visual delight and a perfect companion for both savory and sweet dishes.

    5. Winter Pearmain: Experience the simplicity and elegance of Winter Pearmain apples in this unique cider. It retains its carbonation, earning its title as a "celebratory cider," perfect for special moments that demand attention.

    6. Sheffield Gold: Sheffield Gold is a robust masterpiece, crafted with audacious flavors rich in tannins. The result is a dry, multi-layered complexity with a bold and sharp flavor that pairs beautifully with intense apple notes. This cider is meant to be savored, a testament to the art of cider-making.

    7. Double Black: This one-of-a-kind cider is made from heritage cider apple varieties, Arkansas Black and Black Twig apples. Its deep, dark skins and long-term storage quality are transformed into a flavorful delight, showcasing our expertise in apple cultivation.

    8. Cosmic Crisp: Discover the Cosmic Crisp® Sparkling Apple Cider, a result of two decades of cultivation. Known for its impeccable balance, crisp texture, and exceptional juiciness, this cider is a delightful addition to our collection.

    9. Heritage Raspberry: Revel in the vibrant fusion of Non-Alcoholic Apple Raspberry Cider. It harmoniously blends the essence of freshly picked apples with the sweet-tart allure of ripe raspberries, making it the perfect choice for any occasion.

    This Sampler Pack offers a diverse range of flavors and experiences, allowing you to explore the rich flavor of cider varieties that Sheffield has to offer. Enjoy the journey through our cider orchard and discover your favorites.